My vegetarian got seeds for her birthday – this is great!

birthdayMy vegetarian got seeds for her birthday – this is great! It is both interesting and challenging to have a vegan friend. ‘I cannot eat this foodbbecause I am a vegetarian’. This is a statement that you have to put up with and get used to over time. Well, this is the story of my life. My friend Wendy is a vegetarian and many are the times when I have had to leave that beef burger just to support her vegan pursuits. Don’t get me wrong here, I am not complaining. I have actually come to love this life.

Last week Wendy was turning twenty. As expected, she was very excited about this and she held a really big party. Good thing is, almost every invited person showed up. This automatically means lots of presents for my dear friend.

Well, gifting a vegan can be very intimidating at times, bearing in mind that their nutritional behaviors really do impact their overall lifestyle. Getting a present that will really excite them can be a very daunting task. I have been friends with Wendy for over five years now and believe me when I say I still get a hard time buying her a present. This time round, I decided to get her something that will complement her lifestyle. After putting much thought to it, I decided to get her a pack of herbal bathing soaps, body lotions and perfume. I did good this time, didn’t I? Wendy was actually very excited and I could clearly see that she loved the present.

Actually, people are very good at giving gifts because almost everyone got her a present that was in line with her lifestyle. She received other present like soy wax candles, chamomile & lavender body butter, shaving soap, vintage flats, lip balm, vegan leather tassel necklace, vegan lipstick and some other presents from here. You just cannot imagine the height of excitement Wendy had thanks to these gifts. It was so fulfilling seeing her this happy and excited. After all, it was her birthday.

Then came this gift, vegetable seeds! Quite unexpected, huh! This kind of a gift was just out of anyone’s mind. I mean, could you ever imagine gifting someone or being gifted vegetable seeds for your birthday? To Wendy, this was like a dream come true. Like some miracle of some sought. Vegetable seeds! On her birthday! Oh my, she was very excited. As much as she had received many more unique and very nice gifts, this was clearly her favorite. She actually swore to preserve some of the seeds as a reminder of this happy day.

Clearly, presents has a major impact on someone. And Wendy has been a lesson that cruelty-free is not necessarily boring. I once imagined that vegan life is boring and very uninteresting. The funny thing is that Wendy has got me thinking of going vegan. Funny, right? But this is what happens when you meet someone who is that enthusiastic and interested about something. This was clearly seen in how excited Wendy was with the seeds.